Frequently Asked Questions


I have no money to invest right now. Will you help?

Yes, please book a counselling session. I will help you figure out how to set aside funds from your earnings to invest.

I am about to start a business. How can you help?

We help you put together a business plan and a financial plan for your business.

Do you help with real estate investments?

I help with real estate advisory services, to guide you with the correct real estate investment decisions.

Which assets will you help me invest ?

We help you invest in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate, and other asset classes.
We also help you reduce your risks by selecting the right type of investment and advise you on the right insurance products.

I just want to understand finance before investing. Will you help?

Yes, let us get some friends together and do a financial education session. Alternately, we could schedule an exclusive training session online.

Can you help with funding my business?

A lot of schemes are available through government and financial institutes. We handhold you to approach them and put together your pitch.

How much do you charge for investment advisory ?

I do not charge brokerages or commissions. Advisory fees are fixed or based on assets on advice depending on the services required by the client.

Will my money get locked-in if i invest with you?

No. The money is available when you need it.

How do i start investment ?

First, I help you assess the current financial requirement and your current situation. Then I create an investment plan for you. Investments are done based on this plan. You can fill up the form on the homepage if you are ready to start.

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