Empowering women to take
ownership of their financial lives.

Financial Education

Through Financial Transformation sessions “Healthy Wealthy and Moneywise’’, Her-Mony brings about behavioural transformation in individuals. The sessions are aimed not only at educating participants about their own money-related behavior but also about tools to bring about positive change in that behaviour.

Financial Planning

Ratnasri Karra is a Fee-only Based Financial Advisor and helps you grow your net-worth through investments that include Debt, Equity, Mutual funds, Derivatives, Private Equity, and Real Estate so that you are free to follow your passions and don’t have to worry about your financial obligations.

Financial Advisory

Ratnasri Karra provides Financial Advisory Services to women entrepreneurs and helps them plan and achieve business growth through understanding their own business finances, costing, revenue models, profitability, funding requirements, etc. She also provides them with help and support from Government Organizations, Financial Institutions & Investors Networks.


Founder, Her-Mony

Ratnasri Karra is a Chartered Financial Analyst from ICFAI (1998), and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA Code: INA200009582). She has a rich experience in Banking and Financial Management and has been actively managing her own investment portfolio over the last 15 years.

She is passionate about empowering women to take ownership of their financial lives, which translated into her venture Her-Mony in 2013.

Chartered Financial Analyst from (ICFAI) and SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA Code: INA200009582)


“Ratnasri has played a vital role in my Family financial well-being. At a crucial juncture in my life, where emotions played a bigger role over financial decisions, Ratnasri through her number crunching, articulated so well, the right decision to make when me and my husband were at crossroads – not knowing what to do. I really appreciate the extensive research and legwork she had done in a span of 1 week. She is very meticulous and articulate in her presentation and has a very proactive approach. Some of the critical financial decisions I made is because of her which I don’t regret at all. Thanks Ratna, for being there, I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is out there wanting to financially secure their future”.

Malathi Ashok


“I started “Once Again Store” when I was in my second year of college. Being a young and first time entrepreneur, I knew very little about financial planning, business projections and approaching investors about my startup. Ms.Karra, helped me fine-tune my Company’s Financial Statements, projections, Business Model and Pitch deck. She showed me implications of the decisions that I could take. Ms.Karra was always very honest and open about her opinions and this helped me make important and difficult decisions”.

Nikita Agarwal


Thanks for being so prompt in providing options for investments and advice. I am inspired to save more with such prompt advice. Before this, I saved in a casual way, kind of clueless about returns and so on. Women have different ways of understanding security and so on this is a good service for us.

Lakshmi Shankaran


“Thank you so much Ratnasri, for all your patience and support helping us with our finances. The amount of effort you did, networking with NSIC to push our case and then going through various banks for no- collateralised limits for us! Where all so called “established” investment bankers gave up, you just kept on and on. Its wow, understanding that you had a long break in your career and came back to a totally new professional world. I think the industry is hungry to find fresh minds like you who don’t take the beaten path and carve a way out your own way! Thank you so much from me and my team of women drivers, who could survive this draught of funding with your support!”.

Vandana Suri

Founder & CEO, Taxshe

“Half a year ago I neither understood Finance well nor felt comfortable trying to manage my money. Then Ms Ratnasri Karra came into my life and began to advise and invest for me. She understands the work well, waits patiently for the right opportunities and makes one’s money grow noticeably. I have confidence in her ability to help me achieve my financial goals. Moreover, Ms Karra throws herself into helping her clients more than her duty warrants. In my experience, I have found her caring about my well-being; she even stretched herself to locate a suitable office space for me. How many financial professionals would do that for their client! She grows not only wealth for others but also a good relationship. I bless the day I found her”.

Subha Nilakanta


I am a Financial Advisor myself and despite my extensive expertise in the area of personal finance, I was facing a severe liquidity crunch. Ratnasri has been instrumental in helping me identify various ways to increase my liquidity and ensure that my family finances have grown 4 fold. She has made me look at my finances differently, decrease my liability by more than 50 % and increased my liquidity by over 35%. A wonderful feeling of financial freedom thanks to Ratnasri Karra..

Monisha Charles

Financial Advisor, influencer and Mentor

For a novice like me, who was absolutely clueless about being aware of my financial status, responsibilities, and savings, Ratna came as a savior. A true friend and guide.
She has meticulously examined my finances and advised me with various options conducive to my requirements. Her expertise in this field is highly commendable. She has prepared a document summary of my investments with all my expenses, income and insurance. Moreover, Ratna updates me regularly with her insights and provides feedback on my existing investments.
I have complete faith in her and I totally believe that she provides the right guidance. and helps us in such a way that our savings multiply. I feel privileged and completely at ease with her.
Any day, any time, I would strongly recommend Ratna as one of the best financial advisors.

Vaishali Gupta



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